Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love is function of the soul

Love is function of the soul. We have innate desire to love and be loved because our real identity is spirit soul, a fragmental part and parcel of Krishna whose very essence is rasa (raso vai sah) -- loving relationships in various mellows. Unfortunately,  under the influence of material contamination (and resulting bodily identification) this original loving tendency is perversely reflected as lust (kama) through the agency material senses and mind. We must understand that love is not a function of the senses or the mind. The function of the senses is to produce various sensual experiences in contact with the objects of senses and the function of the mind is to categorize these sensual experiences as pleasurable / painful or as desirable / undesirable. This mind needs to be brought under control because as spirit souls our real interest or business does not lie in what is pleasurable / painful as categorized by the mind but rather it lies in what is favorable / unfavorable in pleasing Krishna (per spiritual master's instructions). An uncontrolled mind's interest is not aligned with the interest of soul proper and therefore it is said to be the self's greatest enemy.

Since Krishna is "spirit whole" of whom the spirit soul is a fragmental part and parcel, true love is only for Krishna. He is the only object of our love. In the state of pure love for Krishna, the spirit soul can love everyone perfectly, just as in illumination of the sun everything can be seen perfectly -- we can see the sun, ourselves and others perfectly. In absence of the sun, we cannot even see ourselves properly what to speak of others. Another example that may be given in this connection is that once we can realize the father, we can realize our  family in relationship with the father. Any attempt to love separately from Krishna (must be through material senses and mind due to marginal position of the soul) must result in lusty exploitative attempts due to the very nature of senses and the mind that cover the original and pure loving function of the soul. The reason the slogans of peace, love and universal brotherhood minus Krishna do not work is because as soon as we are not serving Krishna, we are completely controlled by the three modes of material nature. Therefore attempts such as UN for world peace are bound to be a failure as they are not based on perfect knowledge.

The prime goal of human life is to revive our original love for Krishna through the process of Bhakti Yoga. Even though we have acquired perverted taste for material sense enjoyments, the practice of Bhakti Yoga gradually removes the material contamination and revives our original love and taste for Krishna just as sugar candy even though it tastes bitter to a jaundice patient in his diseased state ultimately cures the disease and restores the original taste of the subject.

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